Aries October 21, 2018
There are a few ways to deal with anyone in charge that are quite effective. One requires you to be confident but compliant. The other…more
Taurus October 21, 2018
The focus of your interests may be minor details that can be cleared up easily. People can turn to you now because you are organized and…more
Gemini October 21, 2018
Now may be a time when friends turn to you for a little extra support. Avoid being in too big of a hurry. Slow down and enjoy your life.…more
Cancer October 21, 2018
This is a time for you to realize the accomplishments you've made. Feel good about yourself. Remember all that you are now started with an…more
Leo October 21, 2018
Investments of all sorts are highly favored now, but do ask for professional direction. Your emotional sensitivity to others makes it…more
Virgo October 21, 2018
The stars may bring you an exciting new opportunity for friendship. Your individuality and personal expression should now be especially…more
Libra October 21, 2018
You probably don't realize how valuable your contribution is to those who won't admit they can't see the forest for the trees. You may not…more
Scorpio October 21, 2018
Relationships of all kinds can bring much excitement and joy. An interesting new acquaintance could become a closer friend now. Don't be…more
Sagittarius October 21, 2018
Investigate anything that seems out-of-the-ordinary. Rely on your intuition for guidance. It might be best to take everything you hear…more
Capricorn October 21, 2018
The satisfying aspects of your life should be the center of your focus. Creative and original efforts will reap rewards. Remain cool and…more
Aquarius October 21, 2018
Don't become overly concerned with developments regarding your home, a loved one, or some personal possession. These seemingly negative…more
Pisces October 21, 2018
Subconscious forces can spur you into action today. You may be able to break any bonds of emotional restrictions at this time. The accent…more

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