Aries August 14, 2018
Remember not to overdo things at this time. Balance in life is very important and a key to happiness in the long run. You may want life…more
Taurus August 14, 2018
Recent developments tend to keep you busy. Matters can be very detailed and complicated. But you are up to the tasks and can take pride…more
Gemini August 14, 2018
Emotional issues could be resolved between you and a close companion. Now is the time to speak from your heart. Well-established…more
Cancer August 14, 2018
Today you may provide comfort to someone who is saddened. Communicating your personal preferences may take some tact and diplomacy, but…more
Leo August 14, 2018
Have a little lighthearted fun today, my dear. Cultural differences can appeal to you now. You should take pleasure in discussing foreign…more
Virgo August 14, 2018
Any emotional concerns you have with a close tie can vanish with today's cosmic energies. All that is puzzling may come to light with…more
Libra August 14, 2018
Your mind may be filled with dreams and hopes that lift your spirits. Plans for the future contain all the elements to generate optimism,…more
Scorpio August 14, 2018
You have the ability and the resources to make your dreams come true. An indulgent inclination could bring joy to others today. Share your…more
Sagittarius August 14, 2018
Strong opinions are likely to clash now and people may take sides. Try not to be unreasonable, but know where you stand. Look good and be…more
Capricorn August 14, 2018
Try to get out of the house and meet some new people. Your enthusiasm will serve as a magnet to others, and could impress old-time friends…more
Aquarius August 14, 2018
Your judgment regarding a child or a companion is excellent. Read between the lines in any discussion with close friends. Things can…more
Pisces August 14, 2018
Incomplete messages and correspondences could be the order of the day. Document important decisions and keep photocopies when necessary.…more

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