Aries July 21, 2018
It's a terrific time to set goals about your health today, my dear. By improving your diet and increasing your level of exercise, you'll…more
Taurus July 21, 2018
As you review your budget today, you might want to consider how you can pick up extra cash in your spare time. An influx of money is…more
Gemini July 21, 2018
Luck may be coming to you via the mail or the telephone today, so keep an eye out for any communications that are coming to you. You may…more
Cancer July 21, 2018
You might find yourself giving a lot of thought toward your home today. An extra coat of paint or a new carpet could brighten its…more
Leo July 21, 2018
Indulging your intellectual side may give you the pick-me-up you need, my dear. Catch up on current events or pick up a book you've been…more
Virgo July 21, 2018
It's likely that you possess a lot of common sense when dealing with business matters today. You might want to try juggling your budget a…more
Libra July 21, 2018
A thoughtful gesture could make your relationship with a close friend even stronger. In fact, you may be setting the pace for the coming…more
Scorpio July 21, 2018
You may have an uncanny intuition about the approaching weeks, my friend. Write down your dreams and subconscious comments and see what…more
Sagittarius July 21, 2018
You may spend a lot of time rethinking your approach toward life today. Consider what values are important to you; these are the ones that…more
Capricorn July 21, 2018
You may feel very ambitious today, my dear. Set high goals for yourself and then focus all your energies on accomplishing them. You could…more
Aquarius July 21, 2018
You could be of tremendous help to a friend today, my dear. Give a person close to your heart a call; they may need your services. It's a…more
Pisces July 21, 2018
Pay lots of attention to detail, my dear; you'll be glad you did in the long run. Otherwise, the work you do today may have to be done…more

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